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Chlorine Pool Water Treatment

Note:  Products listed are those usually carried in the store.  We may have other products, and we accept special orders.  For quantities, call ahead.

Chlorine 3" Tabs - Tri-Chlor - 89% Available Chlorine - Stabilized - 50-Lb, 25-Lb, or 5-Lb Poolife Cleaning Tablets; use in Tri-Chlor Tablet Chlorinator. Also 1" tabs for the off-season, 5-Lb.

Shock - Calcium Hypochlorite - 78% Available Chlorine - 17-Lb, or 1-Lb packages; 15% stronger than ordinary shock - Poolife Turboshock - quick-dissolving, apply directly into pool.

Chlorine Caplets - Calcium Hypochlorite - 68% Available Chlorine
25-Lb, or 4-Lb Pkg of sleeved 13-Oz-each, Poolife Active Cleaning Caplets - use when stabilizer gets above 70 ppm, prevent over-stabilization, dissolve in skimmer without damaging pool equipment.

Commercial Cal-Hypo Tablets
50-Lb A300 autofeed commercial tablets, use in commercial Poolife A300 Cal-Hypo feeder.

Non-Chlorine Shock - Potassium Monopersulfate
25-Lb bucket or 1-Lb packages, oxidize without taking your chlorine to unacceptable levels - Poolife Non-Chlorine Oxidizer.

Ph Increaser - Sodium Carbonate
25-Lb bucket or 2-Lb container - Poolife Ph Plus - formulated to dissolve easily - control the Ph for the comfort of your eyes.

Ph Decreaser - Sodium Bisulfate
25-Lb bucket -Lb bucket or 2.5-Lb container - Poolife Ph Minus - dissolves easily - broadcast into pool - maximize the power of your chlorine by controlling the Ph. The activity of chlorine is Ph-dependent.

Alkalinity Increaser - Sodium Bicarbonate
25-Lb bucket or 5-Lb container - Poolife Alkalinity Plus - to balance your water, to prevent rapid changes in Ph, to preserve the life of your pool and equipment.

Alkalinity Increaser - Sodium Bicarbonate
25-Lb bucket or 5-Lb container - Poolife Alkalinity Plus - to balance your water, to prevent rapid changes In Ph, to preserve the life of your pool and equipment.

Calcium Increaser - Calcium Chloride, Full Strength
20-Lb bucket or 4.5-Lb container - Poolife Calcium Plus - to balance your water hardness total alkalinity, to preserve the life of your pool and equipment.

Stabilizer - Cyanuric Acid
1.75-Lb container - Poolife Stabilizer - prevents rapid destruction of chlorine by the UV rays of the sun - a little bit goes a long way. Use at the beginning of the season, or after draining and refilling the pool. Necessary with unstabilized chlorine.

Quart, for hazy water - Poolife Super Concentrated Clarifier - use 1 Oz per 6000 gallons, to assist filter in removing suspended particles.

Flocculent - Alum
Quart, for extremely cloudy water that just won't clear - when you need a miracle - Poolife Clarifying Flocculant - to drop out suspended matter from the water to the floor so you Can Vacuum It To Waste.

Metal Sequestering Agent
Quart - to hold metals in solution and enable the filter to remove them, to help prevent or inhibit staining.

3-Litre - Pool Perfect - to reduce or eliminate "bathtub ring", reducing chlorine demand by breaking down organic contaminants.

Phosphate Remover
Quart - Precipitates phosphates so they can be vacuumed to waste, removing algae's "food".

Algaecides - Prevent And Eliminate
Poolife Algaecide 30, Algaecide 60, and Algae Kill (copper), and Algae-Ban (copper-3-month)

Algaecide - Silver
To kill and prevent recurrence of black algae and pink slime.

Algae Control- Sodium Tetraborate
45-Lb, or 9-Lb - removes carbon dioxide from water, which algae requires - Endure.

Poolife Iron Stain Remover
2-Lb treats 12,000 gallons. Use with Poolife Intensive Stain Prevention.

New! Nanostick by Selecto Scientific
Provides continuous oxidation, adding no additional chemicals. It's not magic, it's titanium dioxide, photo-regenerating, attracting contaminants to the stick where they are oxidized, reducing the need to shock, increasing clarity. Nano-technology for pools and spas.

Liquid Blanket
Cover your pool or spa with an invisible barrier, an evaporation inhibitor only molecules thick, for retaining heat in a heated pool or spa. 80% as effective as a plastic solar blanket, without the hassle. Evaporation causes almost all of the controllable heat losses from a pool's surface. Stop the evaporation, stop the heat loss. Tropical Fish Liquid Blanket And Turbofish.

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