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Baquacil Water Treatment Products

The Baquacil Pool Care System provides complete protection against bacteria and algae -- without the harsh effects of chlorine.  It is ideal for any type of pool:  in-ground, above-ground, fiberglass, vinyl or plaster.  Baquacil's been keeping pools clear without chlorine for 20 years.  Imagine crystal-clear water with no irritated eyes.  Imagine swimsuits that keep their color and hair that doesn't dry out.  Imagine no unpleasant odors.  Only Baquacil makes it possible.  Gentle to the skin, Baquacil lets you feel secure in knowing you're not only doing something good for your pool, but good for your family too.

Note:  Products listed are those usually carried in the store.  We may have other products, and we accept special orders.  For quantities, call ahead.


  • BAQUACIL SANITIZER AND ALGISTAT (SINGLE 1/2 GAL., OR CASE OF 4) - A highly effective polymeric swimming pool sanitizer and algistat that contains no chlorine and is highly stable in use.
  • BAQUACIL SHOCK AND OXIDIZER (SINGLE 1 GAL. OR CASE OF 4) - A non-chlorine oxidizer used to oxidize organic compounds (swimmer waste) from the pool water in order to clarify it. Not compatible with chlorine pools.
  • BAQUACIL ALGICIDE - Algicide used to prevent algae growth in pools. Compatible with chlorine pools.
  • BAQUACIL TEST STRIPS (25 STRIPS) - 3-in-1 strips that provide quick, accurate test results for BAQUACIL SANITIZER AND ALGISTAT, pH, and Total Alkalinity levels


  • BAQUACIL pH INCREASER (4-LB) - High-purity, highly active dry alkaline product used to raise pH.
  • BAQUACIL pH DECREASER (6-LB) - High-purity, highly active dry acid product used to lower pH and total alkalinity.
  • BAQUACIL CALCIUM HARDNESS INCREASER (4-LB, 20-LB) - High-purity beads (prills) used to raise calcium hardness.
  • BAQUACIL TOTAL ALKALINITY INCREASER (4-LB, 20-LB) - High-purity, low-dusting product used to raise alkalinity to the recommended level.


  • BAQUACIL CHLORINE NEUTRALIZER - A reducing agent that eliminates free available chlorine and/or bromine from water prior to conversion. Not compatible with chlorine pools.
  • BAQUACIL METAL CONTROL - Chemical used to tie up dissolved metals, preventing discoloration of pool water and staining of pool sides and bottom. Not compatible with chlorine pools.
  • BAQUACIL SAND FILTER CLEANER - Strong acid-based filter cleaner that dissolves and removes debris, scale, rust and organic waste from sand filters. Detergent is incorporated in formula to enhance cleaning power for a thoroughly clean filter.
  • BAQUACIL D.E. & CARTRIDGE FILTER CLEANER - Highly effective, acid-based cleaner for diatomaceous earth and cartridge pool filters. Cleans in 30 minutes.
  • BAQUACIL FLOCCULANT - Can be used to clarify pool water either as a filter aid or by broadcasting product in the water. This will pull together small particles and will settle them to the bottom where they can be easily removed by vacuuming. Compatible with chlorine pools.
  • BAQUACIL FOAM DISPERSER - Silicone-based anti-foam for the elimination of foaming in pools and spas. Compatible with chlorine pools.
  • BAQUACIL WATER CLARIFIER - Clarifier used for the elimination of haze.
  • BAQUACIL SURFACE CLEANER - Highly concentrated gel used to remove metal stains, oil, scale, and dirt above and below the waterline. Compatible with chlorine pools.
  • BAQUACIL POOL CLEANING KIT - Kit includes BAQUACIL Filter Cleaner, BAQUACIL Surface Cleaner and a handled cleaning pad to be used with the BAQUACIL Surface Cleaner. Compatible with chlorine pools.
  • BAQUACIL COVER CLEANER - Effectively removes soil and other debris to prevent unnecessary deterioration of pool and solar covers. Compatible with chlorine pools.
  • BAQUACIL PERFORMANCE ALGICIDE - A low foaming algicide for the treatment for persistent algae. Compatible with chlorine pools.
  • BAQUACIL PREMIUM ALGICIDE - A low foaming algicide. Excellent formula for recurring algae.
  • BAQUACIL FILTER AID  - Assists the filter in clarifying dull or cloudy water. This product can be used with all filter types. Compatible with chlorine pools.



Next-generation pool dosing technology that actually eliminates the guesswork.

It's easy to use, and easy to get started.

Typical pool dosing systems require you to add routine maintenance products manually and only control the flow of chemicals into the pool -- leaving you to guess the proper dosages.

But thanks to advanced digital technology, BAQUACIL AD ensures that appropriate, precise levels are dosed into your pool every day.  There's no trial and error because it's all done automatically.  You simply test your pool once a week.  It's that simple -- a crystal clear pool and peace of mind -- automatically.


All the products used by the BAQUACIL AUTOMATIC DOSING system.


There are other products which work well in tandem with standard pool care products.  Here are a few that we carry.

NEW!  NANOSTICK by Selecto Scientific - Provides continuous oxidation, adding no additional chemicals.  It's not magic, it's titanium dioxide, photo-regenerating, attracting contaminants to the stick where they are oxidized, reducing the need to shock, increasing clarity.  Nano-technology for pools and spas.  Compatible with Baquacil and BaquaSpa.

LIQUID BLANKET - Cover your pool or spa with an invisible barrier, an evaporation inhibitor only molecules thick, for retaining heat in a heated pool or spa.  80% as effective as a plastic solar blanket, without the hassle.  Evaporation causes almost all of the controllable heat losses from a pool's surface.  Stop the evaporation, stop the heat loss.  Tropical Fish Liquid Blanket and TurboFish.


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